Unfinished Live 2021


Mc Court Global


Brand Identity




Piedad Rivadeneira

Josefa Labarca

Simón Sepúlveda

Christopher Cea

Sandra Serra

Antonia Guzmán

Daniel Torres

Mauricio Loyola

Alfredo Duarte

Antonia Berger


Held both online and in person at one of the most forward-looking cultural centers in New York, The Shed, Unfinished Live brings together over 150 speakers across 5 stages and 75 diverse sessions: a festival of thought, ideas and technology where leading experts and engaged citizens get together for a week of talks, workshops and activities to contribute to shaping our digital future.  The conference has it all: mainstage talks, panels and conversations, live podcasts, network hubs, and interactive exhibits – all centered around the future of the society in this digital era we’re living in.

Design-wise, our challenge was how our dynamic identity would sustain  itself. How would it unfold from a digital space to a hybrid one: how to build and innovate creative stages, signs, screens, billboards, pamphlets, invitations and animated visuals  that reflect the conference’s forward-thinking vision. The identity should expand to the whole environment, communicate the spirit of the festival, speak of innovation, comply with its needs, while at the same time create a cohesiveness and an atmosphere – in other words, to define the space. It might seem impossible to define an unfinished process, to create a brand identity for a space in flux, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.