Felix Café


Félix Café


Brand Identity




Simón Sepúlveda


Oficina Bravo

Carlos Molina


A few steps from Avenida de Los Leones, in the neighborhood of Providencia in Santiago, a gem café just opened its doors. Located in a staggered space which for the previous 30 years had been used as a laundromat, Felix is a beautiful bar for coffee connoisseurs created by Consuelo Goeppinger, a gastronomic journalist and author of Donde? Guía de Compras Gourmet, a vital guide to finding all those flavors you never know where to find.

The identity of the space is characterized by a single piece of furniture, a semi-transparent metal shelf which serves as storage space, visual separator between the public area and the kitchen, as well as the coffee bar. The consistent use of a limited number of materials, with the thin metal profiles painted in a striking cobalt blue, armored glass, and a custom-designed tile helps generate a simple yet memorable visual language.

That simplicity had to be translated to a catchy and yet essential visual branding. We developed a bold typographic identity and a handful of illustrations and graphics which, from signage to banners, from tiles to carpets, were implemented gently across the space, accompanying daily relaxing moments – without overdoing it.