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Piedad Rivadeneira

Simón Sepúlveda

Magdalena Rivadeneira

Alejandra Amenábar

Begoña Abadía

Isidora Jiménez

Rosario Arellano

Jorge Muñoz


It could be said that the humanities don’t relate with concepts like pragmatic action and future-building. In our opinion, nothing could  be further from the truth. 


This is what prompted this campaign for the University Alberto Hurtado in Santiago. The campaign is an open invitation to thought leaders, decision makers, young students, enthusiasts, activists, academics, and nonconformists not just to think but to make: to imagine and build their own vision of the future and, as a result, change the world. A world that increasingly needs ideas, thoughts, humanistic values, empathy from those who like to think. This is what the “Change the World” creative concept is about. The campaign is the kick-off for a series of events and concrete actions that aims to bring together the heads, voices and hands of all those who want to contribute their ideas and work to this initiative.