Self Initiative


Creative Direction

Film Production

Narrative and voice


20XX – Ongoing


Piedad Rivadeneira

Antonio Blondel

Consuelo Kehr

Adriano García

Mauricio Loyola

Antonia Berger

Andrea Moletto

Way before the glorious days, the sliding doors, the televised revolutions, the fatal encounters and the famous pivotal moments, there is a part of people’s lives that often goes completely overlooked: their childhood. That’s where all futures are built.


Prehistoria is a series of audiovisual shorts where famous (and not-so-famous) figures of our country’s culture – from cinema and politics to theater, music, cuisine, and so on – share stories from their childhood and their formative years. Through a series of flashbacks narrated by their own voices, they share  those processes that led to change who they were and, by extension, shape the country’s present. They are asked to look into their personal archive of memories, objects, footage and pictures to try and trace a new story, redefining and deepening their own image (and that of those who love them). Because before they were talented, relevant and famous, they were just kids.

And by casting a light on childhoods, we explore a rich and mysterious phase of their lives and hence change their perception in the present – with all the anthropological and sociocultural implications that come with that.


Conceived as a valuable audiovisual format (but it could work on any medium), Prehistoria helps us go deeper in history and understand the long gestations and the wrong turns, the blind roads and the epiphanies which tacitly changed people’s lives forever.