50 años Revista Paula




Book Design

Brand Identity




Piedad Rivadeneira

Camila Berger

Antonia Berger


Revista Paula represents a milestone in our lives, both collective and personal. The magazine pushed for new journalism and new voices (a young writer named Isabel Allende wrote there for a while) promoting a challenging editorial line on issues like marriage, family, politics and women’s work, but also on sexuality, birth control and motherhood. Revista Paula changed the conversation in Chile, and hence the lives of more than a generation of women.


Without looking too far, one life that changed for sure thanks to the magazine is Piedad Rivadeneira, our founder and director. In Revista Paula she took the first steps of her career, working first as editorial designer and then as art director of the magazine for over seven years, managing to work with incredible journalists, photographers, reporters, and learning all the tricks of the trade.

It’s no wonder that, as part of the magazine’s 50th anniversary, Felicidad was invited to the party. And not just the gala,but we were honored to be asked to redesign a special headline for Paula, celebrating its half a century of glorious history. Redesigning an iconic headline isn’t a piece of cake, and we just couldn’t chicken out: we had to design a special masthead for the magazine that contributed to changing the role of Chilean women in a modern society – revisiting in a significant, remarkable fashion a logo that went through several redesigns over five decades. We were up for the challenge. We wanted to find a typographic treatment that, with a simple gesture, could contain its quest for cultural curiosity, its elegance in fashion, its seriousness in politics, its weight in journalism. A tribute to its legacy, but also a gaze towards the future. Fleeing from any decorations, the special masthead was giving a stark and minimal aesthetic, set in a grotesque typeface – and with a dot at the end. Beyond the printed Anniversary Edition’s cover, its contemporary and bold femininity marked the gala and was present all over the place during the celebrations. Can’t wait for the next fifty years, amigas.