Revista Héroes


Los Héroes


Editorial Design


2019 - Ongoing


Christopher Cea

Nicolás Díaz

Antonio Blondel

Consuelo Kehr

Adriano García

Elisa Guzmán

Tamara García

Victoria Gallardo


The Heroes’ Family Compensation Funds are private, non-profit entities created to improve the quality of life of working-class families in Chile. Revista Héroes is a magazine that narrates the benefits given to the community of workers and visually represents the fruit of the fund’s labor. 

Through interviews, reports, opinion columns and the ‘Nuestro Héroe’ section, highlighting the work of those who selflessly serve society, Felicidad has been in charge of the editorial direction of the magazine for over three years, with the goal of depicting the Héroes with journalistic depth, integrity, and engaging writing. Each month, a new issue explores a diverse theme – from music, the environment, sports, and craft to coparenting, happiness, AI, cities, and so on –  and pushes for a bright vision of society. The magazine is infused with positive ideas, lifestyle advice, recommendations for activities, and life-changing point of views. And, most importantly, with accessible journalism and straightforward narratives; with the real aim of helping real people.

The design had to follow in the same line. With such a wide-ranging audience, our ultimate goal was that anyone who would  pick up the magazine could understand what it was about in seconds. The simple layout and a welcoming design are conceived to hold together a variety of visual contents aimed at putting people at the center. It might be worth mentioning that every content was exclusively commissioned for Revista Héroes with talented photographers and top illustrators like Tomás Olivos, Milo Hachim, Daniela William, Mathias Sielfeld and Claudio Burgos, among others.