Elige Cultura


Ministerio de las Culturas, las Artes y el Patrimonio


Brand Identity

Content Direction

Narrative and voice




Piedad Rivadeneira

Alfredo Duarte

Antonia Berger


With Elige Cultura, you can click or tap to search events based on location or discipline and add it to your calendar or or simply save it to your profile; you can scroll and browse cultural content including virtual tours, audiovisual pieces, podcasts, multimedia sites, and photo galleries. Fun, right? The website also has specials dedicated to the performing arts, music and Chilean cinema, creativity, women, handicrafts, books, audiences and digital culture.

We went for a bold chromatic scheme and simple identity; one that can contain multiple disciplines, different types of events and visual universes present in the Chilean cultural scene – from Magallanes to Norte Grande.. Understanding how public office works, we developed a contemporary branding that could grow across the years (and throughout different governments) without expiring or feeling obsolete.