Congreso Futuro


Senado de Chile


Brand Identity

Graphic Design




Piedad Rivadeneira

Alfredo Duarte


The Congreso Futuro (which is Spanish for Congress of the Future - you guessed right) is the main scientific-humanist dissemination event in Latin America and the southern hemisphere. The annual conference is emblematic of an approach in which science and humanism are complementary forces at the service of progress. Over its eleven-year history, the event has brought together over 800 thinkers, scientists, researchers, Nobel laureates, opinion leaders, and artists from more than 40 countries, pushing forward the conversation about the challenges we are facing - and those we might face.


Organized jointly by the Senate of Chile, the Chilean Academy of Sciences and the Government, the congress is often quite a pivotal moment for the country, with many important debates and announcements happening there - like when President Michelle Bachelet used the stage of the Congreso to declare the foundation of the Ministry of Science and Technology, or that time when four Nobel Prizes were reunited in a panel together for the first time in the history of Latin America.

As creative partners and collaborators of the conference, we had to develop an essential yet striking identity across every media, online and offline, promotional or present in venue across the six days of the event. A no-nonsense brand identity connects every piece of campaign and communication assets, giving space to a catchy messaging strategy which, instead of answers, wants to attract its audiences through curiosity, intellectual doubt and open questions about some of the greatest themes and challenges the future bears for us.