Las Niñas Pueden




Art Direction

Book Design

Content Direction

Narrative and voice




Piedad Rivadeneira

Consuelo Kehr

Camila Berger

Antonia Berger


On the occasion of their 15-year anniversary, Comunidad Mujer decided to publish a book that contained their answers to simple questions. How do we end gender stereotypes that begin at birth? Why do very few women study science or math? Why do men earn more than women for the same job? How will women get more public representation? How to ensure a worthy time for all?

Each chapter of Las Niñas Pueden guides the reader into the different stages of women 's lives: birth, adolescence, puberty, school, work, and age. For each section, we decided to develop a wide array of stories and diverse hierarchies of content – relevant figures, columns, interviews, images, illustrations, original photographs and more (all managed and reported in-house). Since the book is a celebration of 15 years of the organization and also a chronicle of everything that has happened in terms of public policies and the evolution of women's rights around the world, we conceived a publication that balances the dynamism of a magazine and the weight of a book. The book had to seduce as well as inform – putting the subject on the table and attracting common readers, but also engaging opinion leaders and those in power to make change happen. We needed an attractive, sleek and popular design that also continued to push on all the crucial and serious issues that had yet to be addressed.So rather than a monolithic, retrospective editorial brick that would only collect dust at a coffee-table, we wanted something that would feel alive, interactive, ongoing. Because, yes, Las Niñas Pueden celebrates Comunidad Mujer and everything they have done – but its most important mission is to keep remembering and insisting that the country has to move forward, close the gender gap and make injustices end.