Bibliotecas Escolares CRA


Ministerio de Educación


Art Direction

Book Design




Piedad Rivadeneira

Renata Tesser


Throughout its twenty-year history, the CRA School Library Program by the Ministry of Education has worked really hard to implement policies to improve access to education across Chile. How hard? In two decades, over ten thousand Centros de Recursos para el Aprendizaje (Learning Resource Centers) have been implemented all over the country, with collections of different pedagogical resources. The libraries enable access to a variety of educational resources in schools and educational establishments: they are spaces that offer meaningful resources for students, teachers and the school community at large. A precious contribution, and a unique situation in Latin America which just had to be celebrated.

To celebrate their unique contribution to the country, the Ministry of Education commissioned us to develop a project on the occasion of their first twenty years of activity. Eventually, Veinte años de Bibliotecas Escolares CRA took the shape of an intervention: twenty four giant books to browse through its multiple milestones and different graphics to commemorate the key role of this program in the education of Chile.

The art direction and graphic language is designed to be a celebration of classical book aesthetics – decorative caps, engravings, symbols, traditional pictograms, language-specific glyphs, evocative fonts, and all those elements which make a book bookish; especially for the tiniest of hands.