Benito Cereno - El delta de un río


Álvaro Díaz


Graphic Design




Piedad Rivadeneira


This album is the debut by Benito Cereno, a Melville-inspired pseudonym for the Chilean journalist Álvaro Díaz. Known for being one of the creators of 31 Minutos (the hilarious disecreating puppet parody of 60 Minutes), El Delta de Un Río is the fulfillment of Álvaro’s dream, a solo album in which the journalist, producer and director could work freely on all the lyrics and the music, together with producer Felipe Castro. It’s a very intimate project: according to Álvaro, the songs in this album "happened in the privacy of my house and without any intention to be shown outside". Still, he ended up recording it because "I realized that no one would come to my place and ask for it".

Álvaro is a good friend of ours, so when he asked us to create the artwork for his upcoming album we immediately started to work on the first concepts and visual design. We both loved archive pictures and we wanted to do something new with it. The  lettering dominating the album artwork was crafted through over 150 different images. We explored stock picture archives, old folders, the United States Library of Congress, thousand-year-old hard disks, and so on – the texture of those letters that say “Benito Cereno”. Sometimes it’s as simple as that.